5th September 2020 - ONLINE CELEBRATION (Conducted by Union of 2019 – 2020 as new union was elected later because of pandemic)
Unlike other years, 2020 Teachers’ Day was celebrated via Microsoft Teams platform online. The college Student Union had organised an online programme for the teachers of Jyoti NIvas College. It started with a greeting from the Vice President Bindushree. The host was Veena Bobby from the new final year batch of PENGS.

The various cultural teams of the college performed for this occasion. The students of these teams had shot their videos from their own homes each. It started with “Tarang” the Indian Music Team of the college. This was followed by “Team Extremes”, the Western Dance Team of the college. “Dramatica”, the college drama team even managed to show a short play despite being unable to come together. It was followed by a performance by the Indian Dance Team “Team Advaiya A” and “Team Advaiya B”. The last cultural performance was from the Western Acoustic Team “The Noted”.

An appreciation of the teachers was shown through a picture slide of all the current teaching staff. This was followed by a video message from the new first years, who had met each other only through online. The outgoing Student Union members- President K.Rebecca Raj, Sports Secretary Pooja Padmanabhan and Cultural Secretary Athaliah Daniel had a special gratitude message for the Principal, Chief Coordinators, Controller of Examination, Union Advisers, all the teachers and non-teaching staffs of Jyoti Nivas College. This was preceded by a prayer from K. Rebecca Raj.

The programme ended with a Vote of Thanks delivered by the Treasurer Harshavardhini.
Reading of Constitution was done by Mrs. Paramita Senon Microsoft Teams – 06.11.2020 (Friday) at 11:30 am to make the students aware about the criterion for filing the nomination of student union election.
The last date for filing the nomination for student union election was 11.11.2020 (Wednesday) by 4 pm.

The election committee scrutinized the application of the nominees and the principal interacted with the scrutinized candidates with their parents.
Confrontation 2020 - 2021 – 23rd November 2020
Know Your Candidate’- Confrontation was held by Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous on 23rd November 2020 online at Microsoft Teams through Live Stream. The main objective of the confrontation was to accustom the student body and the faculty with the candidates for Student Union, 2020-2021.

Post of President had onecontestants, Trisha Verma from III BA PJCE.

Competing for the post of Vice President were four candidates- Tvarita Arora – II B.Sc BBG; MahayFerwa – II B.Com ‘A’; Sai Lakshmi – II B.Sc. – M.Sc. Integrated Clinical Psychology; Sneha Balakrishnan – II B.Sc. PJCs; Sagarikaa Pradeep – II B.A. ESPA; Rithika Barua – II B.A. HTJ.

The post of Cultural Secretary had two candidates- Sonali Kumari – III B.Voc B & F Pranamya R – III B. Com ‘A’. Both were well versed in their respective fields.

For the post of Sports Secretary there was only one candidate Neha Ali – III B.Voc B&F. The candidate was well accomplished in various fields of sports. For the post of Treasurer, there were 12 candidates competing against one another - Alisha Ganguly – I BBA; Kavya P – II B.Voc VP; Lekhashree S – I B. Voc B & F; Aftab Zehra – I B.Com ‘B’;Shaffiya Shariff – I B.Com ‘A’; Alka Chauhan R – II B.Com ‘A’; ShristiChakravorty – I B.Sc. BCG; Aiswarya Roy – I B.Com ‘B’; Swasti Kunwar – I B.A. PJCE; Shravani Manjunath – I B.Voc B & F; SanthalaShireesha – I ‘A’ and PrernaBajoria – II BBA

During the filing of nominations, the candidates’ profiles were thoroughly examined by the Principal and members of the Scrutinizing Committee to check for the candidates’ eligibility to contest for the elections.

The Principal Dr Elizabeth CS, the Students advisors Dr. Anila Thomas, Dr. Preeti Mangala and Mrs. Paramita Sen and the Moderators Dr. Grace S Thomas and Dr. V Shantha were welcomed.

Mrs. Paramita Sen threw light on how the college union functions, the college constitution and its rules and regulations. She spoke about the process of election that is to be held on 25.11.2020 (Wednesday) from 11:30 to 12:30using Knowledge Pro software online.

Dr. V Shantha and Dr Grace S Thomas - the moderators incited the event. The candidates for the post of Vice President, Cultural Secretary, Sports Secretary and Treasurer were given two minutes each for their speech and maximum of two questions to be asked by the audience. The candidate Miss Trisha Vermawas given three minutes to present her speech.

The event came to an end as all candidates finally presented themselves and their vision for the betterment of the students and the college as well.
Union Election 2020 - 2021 – 25thNovember 2020
On the 25th of November 2020, the election of the college student union 2020-21 was held online through Knowledge Pro portal from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. All the staffs and students casted their votes online for the five office bearers’ viz. President, Vice-President, Cultural Secretary, Sport Secretary and Treasurer.

The students and candidates waited with anticipation for the results to be declared. The Principal Dr. Sister Elizabeth announced result through Microsoft Teams Live Stream at 2:30 pm.The Principal gave her heartiest congratulations to the winners as well as to the staff and the student body for the proper conduction of fair elections.

The candidates promised to participate in the extended union with utmost enthusiasm and sincerity. The post of President was won by Trisha Verma of III B.A. PJCE followed by Sagarikaa Pradeep of II B.A. ESPA for the post of Vice President, Pranamya R of III B. Com ‘A’for the post of Cultural Secretary, Neha Ali of III B.Voc B&Ffor the post of Sports Secretary and ShristiChakravorty of I B. Sc. B C Gfor the post of Treasurer.

The students and the staff greeted the newly elected union with much excitement.
The class and sports representative electionwas held on 25.11.2020 (Wednesday) from 1:30 to 2:30 pm online at Microsoft Teams by putting Teacher-in-charge for each class.
Leadership camp 2020 - 2021 – One day(2nd February 2021, Tuesday)
Every year Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous organises a leadership camp to ensure the holistic development of the students, who are elected as leaders that represent the college as well as the class representatives.
Date: 2nd February 2021
Venue: St. Joseph’s Auditorium, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, Bangalore.
No. of Students participated: 250
Theme of Leadership Camp: Resilience and Strategic Planning
Resource Person :Dr. Sr. Elizabeth C S, Principal, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, Bangalore
Leadership is not about titles or positions; it is about one life influencing another.It includes immense sense of responsibility and in order to indulge these qualities inthe newly elected class representatives, sports representatives and the student councilmembers, Jyoti Nivas College organises a leadership camp every academic year.

The camp started with 2 anecdotes narrated by the Principal followed by visuals, which was about two sons and fathers and gave a lesson that a leader shows the path or inspires others simply by the work they do and not by the words they speak- “actions speak louder than words.” The story also gave a lesson of holding back and reflecting upon oneself, understanding our purpose as a leader, and learning to have control over our value system and be loving, kind, understanding and compassionate to our fellow mates. The other tale was about 3 servants and a master who handed each of his servants a gold coin and left for a tour. When he came back, he asked what the servants had done with the gold coin, the first two had managed to double the coin and make investments and get more profit back out of it and this pleased the master. When the 3rd servant was asked what he did with the coin, he said he had buried it deep under the ground and dug it out, and cleaned it when the master asked for it. The lesson to take away from this story was that God has sent has down with an abundance of talent and knowledge and we should share it with everyone around us because the more we share the more we would grow and the more we would be admired, honoured and blessed.

After these anecdotes, the students were given the full form for each letter in the word Leadership
L – Love/listening ability and liberty.
E - Effectiveness, efficient and enthusiastic
A – Agility, assertiveness, awareness
D – Dynamism, dedication, decision-making ability
E – Energy, emotional stability
R – Responsibility, role- model
S – Subtlety, sacrifice, and selfless
H – Humility, honesty, and higher value
I – Inspirational, Impact creation
P – Purity, persistence, positivity.
This was followed by a small fun activity which was similar to an ice breaker, in which students were asked to collect the signatures of 13 individuals with certain criteria to meet which were mentioned down there. For eg: if someone knew how to play cricket, or swim, or liked the colour black they would sign into the space provided. This activity was done for 8.5 mins after which those who found the highest number of signatures were called on to the stage and asked to recall the names of the individuals who have signed on their sheets.

Once the activity was over the students were sent out for a short break where they were also provided with refreshments, paneer pizza, and paper boat juice. The students had their refreshments and came back to the auditorium. Post break, the resource person spoke to all of the participants about the mental illness Covid 19 has bought along with it and how one can deal with it or help a person in need. The programme was ended by a vote of thanks given by the president.

After this session, the students were addressed by the union advisors where they were given certain tips on how they could work efficiently and how they could always rely on the union for any kind of help. The students were then left with the union members for interactions where they had a talk with them and played 2 games- ToeKneeKnows, and Chinese action. The students had a lot of fun and found the camp very insightful and interesting and also loved the refreshments that were provided to them. The camp winded up by 2.30 in the noon.

Unlike other camps, this camp happened only for a few hours as the college had to keep the Covid protocols in mind.

The camp ended on a positivenote and with memories no one will forget, pictures and the time spent together weretreasures we will possess all lives.
Investiture 2020 - 2021 – 3rd February 2021, Wednesday
The investiture ceremony of the Student Council (Union) for the academic year 2020 - 2021 was held on 3rd February 2021 at 11:00am in Jyoti Nivas College auditorium. The ceremony began as Dr Sr. Elizabeth CS and the dignitaries of the day arrived in the auditorium followed by the ‘Lighting of the Lamp’ as the Principal,Student Union Advisors and the newly elected President, Miss Trisha Verma lit the lamp to begin the auspicious occasion. Fr Saji Mathew, the Head of Communication and Media Dept. proceeded to pray for the oversight and progress of the college and the Student Body Council.

Dr Sr Elizabeth CS addressed the gathering and congratulated the newly elected Union members, Class representatives, Sports representatives and the Extended Union members and encouraged the young Jyotinivites to reach greater heights and challenges to keep up the motto of our college – ‘Let Your LightShine.’ The gathering then witnessed the ‘Oath Taking Ceremony’ which was solemnised by the Principal and the ceremony was preceded by the ‘Candle Lighting Ceremony’.

The newly elected President, Miss Trisha Verma delivered her speech and encouraged the students to unite and achieve academic and non-academic success. The Principal then felicitated Union Advisors for the academic year 2020 -2021 - Dr.Preeti Mangala from Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Dr. Anila Thomas from the Dept. of Travel and Tourism and Mrs. Paramita Sen from the Dept. of Commerce and Management.

The Union advisory committee, Chief Academic staff, Synergising committee, Class representatives,Sports representatives and the Extended Union members were also felicitated by the principal.

The installation of the various department unions such as - House of Commerce and Management, Student Body Council for Centre of Media Studies, AICUF Union and NSS was conducted by the principal.

The ceremony came to an end as the flag of Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous was handed over toTrisha Verma by our principal signifying the official handing of the duties and responsibilities to theUnion of 2020-21.
Rhapsody 2020-2021 – 30th March 2021 to 4th April 2021
On the 30th March 21, Tuesday, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous inaugurated their intra-collegiate fest Rhapsody with the theme “Locked Out” in Degree Quadrangle by the Vice Principals Dr. Lalitha Raman, Dr. SitaviYathiender and Dr. V. Shanta. A flash mob ignited the spirit of rhapsody among the students.

This year Rhapsody was held online keeping the safety of the students in mind. For four days, various events like group dance, solo dance, group singing, photography, poetry, mad ads were conducted online. This year two new events Junk Fashion and Instagram Reels were introduced which was a big hit among the students. The fest saw numerous participants from different streams competing against each other in a healthy and friendly manner.

Rhapsody 2020 provided an extravagant platform for the students to showcase and explore their talents through exciting events. Though Online, the events were marked by an amazing number of participation by the students.
Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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