Counselling centre, Manasi Psychological Services, in JNC is a service area which provides a non-judgmental, confidential, and supportive atmosphere to address emotional and psychological problems. The staff is professionally trained to offer individual counselling. The students may confront many challenges in the current competitive world and also be faced with broken relationships. To ease out their stress and to help them to change their perspective and to facilitate adjustment, the college has a counselor. Counselling in Jyoti Nivas College is concerned with addressing and resolving specific problems, making decissions, working with feelings and thoughts, and developing personal awareness.

A full time in-house counselor is available to:
Extend help to students who have problem in coping with stress.
Help students realize their strength and weaknesses.
Help students examine various coping strategies.

Ms. Sharon Antony

MSc. Psychology

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Students may avail of the counselling services of their own volition, or through a teacher's reference. Counselling is provided to both UG and PG students They are given an appointment and the counselling is conducted in a quiet and secluded room. Confidentiality is assured to the student.

Students can approach other faculty from the Department of Psychology for availing counselling services.
The faculty available for counselling are :
Ms. Sharon Antony - 8660328093
Ms. Roseline Florence Gomes-9972073420
Ms. Christina Joy Victoria-8095134429
Mr. B. B.Paul Raj-9738520074

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