Another very unique feature of Jyoti Nivas College is the mentor system which was introduced more than a decade ago. The teacher is assigned a small group of student wards (from first year till the students complete the degree course). The interactions between them help the mentors have a comprehensive record of their activities, academic co-curricular achievements, and problems. It also help the mentors to give a descriptive certificate at the end of the course.

This system was started, recognizing the need for the present day college students to have a friend, counsellor, and confidante on the campus, and aimed at fostering a better rapport between the students and the teachers.

The mentor offers advice and guidance to the students as they navigate their undergraduate journey. The teacher collects personal information from her wards discretely, keeping in mind that certain issues might be sensitive, and being doubly careful to ensure that all information volunteered by the ward is of her own free will. This is done so that the mentor is cognizant of the context of her/his wards, and can offer effective assistance.

The mentor aims to create a safe space for her/his wards. To this ends they will meet their wards informally outside class, and invite conversation and discussion regarding any issue that their ward may be facing. Additionally, the mentor may also offer career guidance, and liase with department to ensure that their wards receive all the help they can get.



Ms. Grace Samuel
Ms. Anitha Murthy R.