Extension Services
Our students work in collaboration with a number of organizations such as:

- Asha Foundation For HIV/AIDS patients

- Janagraha Citizens rights and responsibility ward map

- Voices Current issues related to society, media, gender

- REDS Rehabilitation for street children

- Janodaya Awareness, Awakening and Action plan, for the liberation of the marginalized and the voiceless.

- YMCA & YWCA Janotsasva, Mock Parliament programmes

- Habitat Project Assisting in the construction of low-cost housing

- KIDWAI, St. John's Hospital, Narayana Hridalaya visits. Participating in blood donation drives, and promoting universal causes like 'No smoking', 'No plastics' etc.

- Alumni Action Plan for the rehabilitation of the children of lepers at Sumanahalli

- Sangraha School for the school for dropouts in a slum at Ramamurthy Nagar.

- We Care. Assisting in the organization of programmes for the slum dwellers.

- Jyoti Seva School. Assisting fifty 10th standard students with their studies.

- Premalaya Home for Ragpickers Visiting the homes of ragpickers with food and clothing.

'WOW' (Well -Being Out of Waste) initiative of ITC to make the surroundings clean and green(affiliated to Swachh Bharat). Jyoti Nivas college house keeping and the students are actively involved in this waste management initiative, retrieving and recycling huge amount of valuable resources like paper, plastic, metals, glass, and other materials. The initiative is also helping in generating employment to the weaker sections of the society and in providing sustainable livelihood