Centre for Media Studies at Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous has four programmes in media studies, namely, Journalism & Mass Communication, Visual Communication & Performing Arts, Communicative English, and Journalism. The students are provided with in-depth theoretical knowledge into all forms of media, namely, print, radio, television, cinema, new media, and social media. Plus, they are given hands-on practical training on technologies involved in the content creation for print, electronic, new media, and cinema.

At Jyoti Nivas College, media studies never end with classroom lectures and theories, the inputs in classrooms are starting points for further media engagements, like, hands on training in college’s multiples video, audio, news, performing-art studios and media labs and bring about visual designs, newspapers, radio & television programs, films, advertisements and more; critical engagement in socio-political concerns, and getting students ready for higher studies, internships, and jobs through media placement orientation and job fair.

In this ever changing and competitive media world, we aim to push students out of their comfort zone; and make every student to believe in themselves and come to the confidence to tell themselves, ‘Yes. I can’. And thus be empowered to walk into the industry as young confident women.

Constant and dynamic learning, engaging and evolving though inclusive, accessible and quality media education and practice.

A Centre designed to facilitate synergy though contemporary inter-media programmes; and to gain competency in diverse fields of media by distinct curricula and approaches.

Distinct Pedagogy and Features
We welcome all kinds of students with their varied experiences to learn with us. It would be far too naive to believe that each fresh student or batch that gets admitted have an aptitude similar to the previous batch. Thus we begin with the students. Provide platforms to test their strengths and help incubate ideas, build bridges of contacts and goodwill between academia and industry, and offer different platforms that equip the students not only to find a living, but also to be prepared to thrive through all the seasons and challenges of life. Here are some amazing distinct highlights of studying media at Jyoti Nivas College.

Media Infrastructure
The availability of equipment and media infrastructure is the backbone of effective training in media. Keeping in mind the fast-changing nature of media technology, the Centre is equipped with independent audio, video, news, and performing art studios, and editing labs with software.

Media Job-fair
We have annual media job-fair where varied companies come to the campus to recruit students for internships, jobs, and also to give guidance on higher studies in India and abroad.

Peer Learning Circles
Students take their learning beyond classrooms by voluntarily forming into peer-learning and specialized-learning clubs, called, Avant Garde Circles. We have faculty mentored Avant Garde Circles for writing, film, radio, design & photography and performing arts. They share ideas, work together at projects, invite experts to address, and thus take their learning to the next level.

Campus Media
Media students make their presence and contribution to the campus with their regular publication of campus newspaper, online television news bulletin, and radio programmes. Students begin to real-time media practitioners even as they are on campus.

Media Incubation Centre (MIC)
It is sad to see young people, who aspire to be media practitioners, are not able to get to it because they lack facilities & equipments, contacts & network, and support & needed consultancy. We understand that Media field is very competitive and costly; because of which amazing talents and great aspirations go down the drain.
To address the challenge, Jyoti Nivas College has a Media Incubation Centre (MIC); which would serve as an incubation space cum launchpad for aspiring graduating students to build up acumen to gradually get into good media jobs or be entrepreneurs. The students are provided with space to work, and equipments to use so that they can take up their own freelance work, and eventually, when feel confident enough, launch out on their own.
It would be perhaps the first media incubation Centre by a college; and definitely, the first by a women’s college and focusing on the empowerment of women.

Every media student pursues internship at media firms of their interest and passion. At these places of internship students put to use what they have learned and practiced in college, bridge gaps in learning, and test their strengths and weakness; and thus pave the way to their future career.

Programmes offered

Journalism and Mass Communication

Visual Communication and Performing Arts

Faculty Profile

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Mr. Sumit Dasgupta

MSc, Ph D (Ongoing)

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Mr. Kapil Arambam

MA, NET Qualified, Ph.D (Ongoing)

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Ms. Renita Mendeonsa


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Mr. Nikhil Banerjee A

MA, Ph D (Ongoing)

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Ms. Amrutha A

MA, Ph D (Ongoing)

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Fr. Saji P. Mathew OFM

M.sc, NET, PhD (Ongoing)

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Adjunct Faculty

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