The Zoological museum collection is an important teaching resource for the Department of Zoology. It has a collection of 137 specimens belonging to the different phyla of the animal kingdom. Some of the rare collections include Invertebrates like Physalia- Portuguese Man of war, Hyalonema- Glass rope sponge, Chatetopterus, Vertebrates like the Loris, gibbon and a variety of snakes highlighting the diversity of animal life.
The museum also has complete skulls of animals like the horse, man, cat, dog, rabbit, pigeon, and the turtle's anapsid skull. Disarticulated skeletons of the frog, lizard, pigeon, rabbit, human, and articulated human skeleton are also on display.
The 152 slides include histological sections, cytological preparations, whole mounts of developmental stages , sections of organisms, protozoans, placentae and tissues.
Molluscan shells, Plastron and Carapace of turtles, hearts and brains of shark, frog, pigeon and rat for comparative study are also displayed. The museum has rare and real fossils of the fish Knightia which existed 50 million years ago in the Eocene epoch, Trilobite an extinct group of Arthropods of the Palaeozoic era, Ammonite of the Cretaceous period, Petrified tree trunk and Coprolites.
All the specimens are well preserved and displayed with labelled information alongside the exhibits.