The prominent features of choice based credit system are a process of continuous evaluation of students’ performance/ progress and flexibility to allow a student to progress at an optimum pace, suited to her ability or convenience, subject to fulfilling the minimum requirements for continuation. A student’s performance/progress is measured by the number of credits that she has earned. All the PG programmes are defined by the total credit requirement and a pattern of credit distribution over courses of different categories.

Structure of the Programme
• Post-Graduate programmes will have a curriculum with syllabi consisting of (i) Core courses (Theory & Lab)
(ii) Soft core courses/ Skill Enhancement courses
(iii) Elective Courses
(iv) Open Elective courses
(v) Dissertation /Project work / Internship

The programmes will also include seminars, assignments, practical and practical training as prescribed by the respective Boards of Studies in the curriculum and syllabi and approved by the Council.

Table showing the total credits required for each course

Minimum Credits For courses
Credit for Project Work/ Dissertation/
Minimum total
Credits required to pass the course
MA (English) 90 4 94
MBA 106 8 114
MCA 86 12 98
M.Com (FA) 106 8 114
M.Sc 95 4 99

Additional Credits allotted in recognition of co-curricular activities
The Post Graduate Centre offers the students the possibility of earning additional credits through the extension programmes that are integral part of our academic structure. Additional credits are offered for the following activities. The students can earn 1 or 2 credits for each of the activity in accordance with the guidelines given by the Department.

  • Add-on Certificate Courses
  • Communication skills and Soft skills Courses
  • MOOC Courses
  • Outreach