The Kannada department has introduced a syllabus that is essential for the new generation and a syllabus that acquaints them with our culture. The department is making consistent effort to impart all forms of Kannada literature to the students and helping to learn dynamic attitude through the discussion and dialogue. The department endeavours to formulate the inherent creativity in the girls that enables the girls to compare, analyse and express themselves.


One of the most ambitious projects of the Kannada department is to promote Kannada language among non-Kannada speakers. With this regard, the department has initiated a short term spoken Kannada course to non-Kannada students and staff as the institution has a multilingual and multicultural milieu in the campus. The course will be taught through audio visual media. The design of the curriculum aims at enabling the non-Kannada students to learn and use Kannada in their daily public life. The syllabus comprises learning of alphabets, spelling and writing skills as well. As per the orders of Kannada Development Authority (an aegis under Government of Karnataka), applicants who are aspiring to take any competitive examinations conducted by the Karnataka Public service Commission (KPSC) are required to pass a high school level Kannada language examination. Similarly, private sectors also offer priority to the candidates who have basic knowledge of the local language. Moreover, non-Kannadigas who live in Karnataka can have a healthy and meaningful social life here; if they obtain basic proficiency in the language. The detailed syllabus of this learning course will be announced soon.


Faculty Profile

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Dr. Goolappa Okkunda

M.A, Ph.D, NET

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Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, BANGALORE

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