To Make Students Aware Of The Past And Its Legacies Through Teaching, Research And Extension Activities
To Transform The Youth Into Professionally Independent Learners, Responsible And Thoughtful Citizens With A Versatile Personality

The department of History is one of the oldest departments of Jyoti Nivas College founded in 1966. The department offers combinations such as History, Economics and Sociology: History, Travel and Tourism and Journalism and History, English and Sociology. It has been organizing various seminars, conferences and workshops at state and national levels in collaboration with Indian Council of Historical Research(ICHR), St.John's Research Institute and Centre of Indian Numismatics Studies(COINS) to develop a research oriented approach. Short term courses like 'Gleaning India’s History Through Coins and Introduction to Archaeology' along with field trips have helped the students to gain hands on experience along with classroom learning.

In this globalized and highly competitive world, excellence in English becomes an absolute necessity in higher education and Communication. The Department of English plays a key role in the development of the college as it offers English as a core subject to the Arts students, as a vocational subject to the Communicative English students, General English as a language subject to all the students of the college and Additional English to those students who are unable to take up any other second language at the higher level. The syllabus for General English has been designed to enhance learning, with the focus on skills of effective communication. In the teaching of Optional English the Department has moved from conventional areas of British and American Literature to introduce students to new and contemporary areas of study like Indian Literatures in Translation and Post-Colonial Literature.
An expert, efficient and well qualified team of Lecturers ensures quality education and all round development of students.


The broad objectives of the B.A. Course in History are:

To provide a holistic understanding of historical events, economic activities and sociological concepts which are useful in the areas of higher learning and research.
To provide the students with opportunities to develop skills needed in order to pursue a career
To provide an insight into historical events and places,
To introduce students to have a broad idea of the main currents of socio- economic, political and cultural history.
To acquaint the students with the great contributions of the people of Karnataka and its rich heritage invaluable for present and future.


Value added courses

• Gleaning India's History through Numismatics

Faculty Profile

Dr. Nalini Sekaran

MA., MTM., M.Ed, Ph.d,NET

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Ms. Rohini Panicker

B.A (Hons); M.A; M.phil

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