Department of Mathematics

Objectives of the Course :

To have a genuine comprehension of Mathematics as an organic whole and as a basis for scientific thinking. To study abstract mental concepts and link them to the real world of physical things.

Staff details :

Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Rani Titus
Lecturer, HOD
M.Sc, M.Phil., Ph.D View Profile
Mrs. J.K. Navis Vigilia
M.Sc., M.Phil. View Profile
Mrs. Sheryne Jemima John
M.Sc., M.Phil. View Profile
Dr. Sr.Mary Margaret Nirmala
M.Sc., Ph.D View Profile
Sr. Arul Selva Mary

Courses offered :

B.Sc (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
B.Sc (Physics, Mathematics, Electronics)
B.Sc (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science)
B.Sc ( Mathematics,Electronics,Computer Science)

Short term courses offered :

Basic Maths Course for Non-Maths Students